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May 01, 2012

Specifics of the Goal

  • I'm 6'0" with a standing reach to 90".
  • The goal is to dunk an NBA-sized ball on a 10' hoop.
  • The alley-oop is legal so long as the ball wouldn't be going into the hoop on its own accord.
  • While I can palm a newish leather ball, I'm granting myself the allowance of using a stick-um type adhesive so I can more easily palm the ball. Seriously.
  • Injury is not an excuse and shall not void any bond contracts. They're part of the game, and you should consider them accordingly. (Please don't Tonya Harding me.)
    Naturally, being stronger and lighter will help. In order to keep myself honest about training and diet, I've been logging my food and exercise regularly since about November 2011.
  • I've been training since May 2011, initially budgeting 18-20 mo.
  • The general training strategy is lots of big, heavy leg workouts mixed with sprint/plyo days. I can talk your ear off about training, because I'm a closet gym rat.
  • In late May 2011, I came down with a nasty case of what might have been frozen shoulder that lasted about two weeks, and I unfortunately lost a month of training.
Progress History:
  • On 5/6/11, I measured a 22" standing vertical, and was about 4" shy of touching the rim with a running jump.
  • Math: 120 + (ball) - 90... I'll need at least a 38" running vertical.
  • In August 2011 I got rim.
  • Early November 2011 I could pull it down.
  • Late November 2011 I was about 3" above rim.
  • Stay tuned.

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