Selected Goal

Aaron DUNKs

March 08, 2013

Life After DUNK


To do list:

  • not log food
  • not train
  • eat whatever
  • drink beer
  • ski
  • surf
  • not worry about DUNK
  • accept congratulations
  • hi five people
  • sign autographs

It's been a nice week.  I think I've earned a little downtime.

I've got a few site updates I want to push up soon, and I have a bit of work to do to restore some lost data, but I'm not going to get to either of those today or even this weekend.

Sometime soon, I'll probably send out some reminders on what my supporters/challengers should donate to their charity.  That's a little bit dependent on the above (see:  lost data).

So, don't worry, I'm still here.  I'm just chilling for a few.  More to come.  Maybe next week.

March 01, 2013

Here's What Happened

I can't believe this is over.

February 28, 2013


Supplies.  Bottom right: Stickum paste for palming the ball 

February 25, 2013

21 Months, 25 days (or, 4 days left)

Have you ever been so fixated on an upcoming event that there isn't really a future beyond it?

Well, DUNK deadline is Friday, meaning probably my biggest focus of the last ~22 months comes down to this week.

March is sort of an abstraction to me right now.

This has been a ridiculous journey, and I'll have a lot more to say about that in an upcoming post.

February 15, 2013

Two Weeks

21+ months since I started training.
10 months since I started selling DUNKbonds.
2 weeks left.


First, I've been resting the leg this week, and it does feel better, though untested.  I'm hoping I can make many (brief, if need be) trips to the court next week and the following.

Speaking of Crazy, while I've been resting I've been coding my a** off as if--well, as if I have to get these features implemented by, like, this week, while my goal is still alive.  I really look forward to getting this thing done, both because of the features and because, frankly, I want my life back.

And I want to train.  And make my dunk attempts.  And give this whatever last drops of "all" I have left.