Selected Goal

Aaron DUNKs

February 15, 2013

Two Weeks

21+ months since I started training.
10 months since I started selling DUNKbonds.
2 weeks left.


First, I've been resting the leg this week, and it does feel better, though untested.  I'm hoping I can make many (brief, if need be) trips to the court next week and the following.

Speaking of Crazy, while I've been resting I've been coding my a** off as if--well, as if I have to get these features implemented by, like, this week, while my goal is still alive.  I really look forward to getting this thing done, both because of the features and because, frankly, I want my life back.

And I want to train.  And make my dunk attempts.  And give this whatever last drops of "all" I have left.